What's taking yourhard disk space?

The easiest app you will ever use to detect huge files.

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SquirrelDisk is an Open Source project made by Adileo Barone - Version 1.0.13

One Click away from a better PC

Using SquirrelDisk is a matter of clicking one button to easily find all the huge files on your computer.

Analyze your Drives

Internal & External Hard Drives

You can scan both internal PC Hard Drives or external USB hard drives.

SSD & HDD Optimized

Optimized both for Solid state drives and Hard Disk drives.

Real-Time Detection

It automatically detects attached Hard Drives in real time.

Spot Huge Files

Navigate Easily Through Files & Folders

You can easily navigate the biggest files and folders through the file inspector on the right column or the spatial interactive chart on the left.

Drag and Remove Huge Files

Drag your files to the collector on the right column to securely delete the files you don't use anymore.